Coaching the Developing Breaststroker

  • Develop a flatter, more effective breaststroke
  • Includes easy-to-implement skill progressions
  • Stroke, start, and turn instruction included
  • See individual and group technical instruction
with Sheri Stoddard,
Swim Pasadena Head Coach and Head Age Group CoachTeach your swimmers to slice through the water with a flat, forward-focused breaststroke.

In this breaststroke DVD, Sheri Stoddard presents step-by-step progressions for the stroke, start and turn.

What makes this DVD unique is that all of the technique work is done in both an individual setting and in a group setting. This gives you the chance to learn the technique, see how it’s taught and pick up ideas on how train individual athletes in a team setting.

Coach Stoddard presents a 15 drill progression to build a fast, efficient, and forward-focused flatter style of breaststroke. Beginning with kick basics on deck, Stoddard progresses through seven drills that isolate the technical aspects of the kick including proper body and head position, as well as breathing.

Using six drills, Stoddard builds the pull pattern from the outsweep progressing to the insweep and recovery. The uniqueness of Stoddard’s progressions is that while she isolates specific aspects of the stroke, her drills include “whole stroke” accountability. Adding timing to the pull, breath and kick, Stoddard presents three additional drills designed to “jump the hips” into the stroke to maximize forward propulsion at the end of each stroke cycle.

Get more from your starts with this four-step progression for the forward start which includes jump drills behind the blocks. On the block, Stoddard progresses to a full extension drill to train the swimmer to consistently “drive” off of the blocks with maximal leg power.

Stoddard breaks the pullout into segments that include the push off, the arm movement of the pullout, the timing and placement of the dolphin kick, arm recovery and kick into the breakout stroke.

Stoddard details a five-segment progression that isolates, and then connects, the most critical steps of a fast and efficient turn and pullout. To assist the breaststroker that swims the IM events, Stoddard includes a breakdown of the individual medley turns through a “mini IM” drill that includes instruction for all of the IM turns and transitions.

Stoddard’s breaststroke progressions are clear, concise and easy to understand. Her methods have successfully produced some of the fastest age group breaststrokers in the country and are sure to assist you and your swimmers as well.