Coaching High School Wrestling: Breakdowns, Rides and Mat Returns

With Scot Davis

Owatonna (MN) High School Head Coach; the winningest coach in amateur wrestling history (over 850 victories); 2007 “National Coach of the Year” by Wrestling USA Magazine and was the “Runner-up” in 2006.

He was also named “National Coach of the Year” by the National HS Coaches Association in 1998. In 2005, Davis was voted Minnesota Class AAA (large schools) “State Coach of the Year” by the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association.

Scot Davis calls on his 32 years of high school wrestling experience to present over 20 techniques from the top position. In this three-part wrestling DVD, Coach Davis demonstrates techniques for rides, mat returns and breakdowns that will allow your wrestlers to control their opponent on the mat. These moves feature spiral and ankle breakdowns, 2-on-1 returns, leg riding and more. Davis clearly demonstrates each move, pointing out secrets and tips to make each move work. These wrestling techniques will work for any level of wrestler at any weight. Scot Davis has a ride or breakdown for every type of opponent your wrestler will face.

46 minutes.