Coaching High School Track & Field: Hurdles

With Will Freeman,

Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach; former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education

Will Freeman assists coaches in understanding and utilizing the short 12-15 week high school season and gives a thorough technical analysis of the hurdle event. Coach Freeman shares all of the necessary ingredients to train a successful hurdler, such as: Daily Warm-Up, Acceleration, Speed, Speed Endurance, Start and Acceleration Cues, CNS Sprint Drill, Lifting, Core Strength, General Strength Routines, Pillar Routines, Hurdle Strength Routine, Medicine Ball Routines, Multi-Jump Exercises and Hurdle Drills. In each area, he shares examples of specific routines and drills. Freeman gives a complete breakdown of a training week, day-by-day, with complete workouts. In addition, he discusses tapering, offers helpful coaching hints, provides tips for identifying hurdlers, discusses safety factors/injury prevention and looks at the differences in technique for boys and girls. This is an extensive, comprehensive presentation on the essentials of training and coaching hurdlers.

102 minutes.