Coaching Championship Sprint Relays

  • Create great relay teams with average sprinters!
  • Learn the dos & don’ts for 4×100, 4×200, and 4×400 relay success
  • Learn to explain and demonstrate the proper technique for exchanges
  • Clyde Hart has coached 20 National Championship relay teams
with Clyde Hart,
Baylor University Director of Track and Field and 400M Coach;
Hart has coached eight Olympians to 13 Olympic medals — 10 Gold, including winning the 400 meter in four straight Olympic games.While at Baylor, Hart has coached 34 national champions (14 individual and 20 relay) and 533 All-Americans. Hart-coached athletes include Michael Johnson, Jeremy Wariner, Darold Williamson and Sanya Richards-Ross!Create successful relay teams with average sprinters! Legendary Coach Clyde Hart shares his secrets to flawless relay technique.Coach Hart describes why his techniques and strategies have been so successful and how you can implement his methods with your team. These methods can be applied at any level; youth, high school, college, or elite.

Hart shares his ideas in a simple lecture series, sharing why his techniques and strategies have been so successful. Hart takes these philosophies to the track and shows you how to take average sprinters and develop championship relay teams with proper technique. Hart highlights several of his techniques using demonstrators to teach his major points of emphasis.

  • Moving the baton around the track
  • Placement of the relay runners
  • Team workouts
  • Block and block placement
  • Starts
  • The exchangev
  • Baton drills

Coach Hart teaches–in detail–his methods of getting the baton around the track the fastest and safest way possible. He explains and demonstrates his snatch system of exchange and the peek-a-boo exchange. He offers drills to teach athletes how to react and handle the baton while at top speed. Proper runner placement plays a significant role in relay success. Hart provides the criteria for each leg of the relay to help build a successful team by putting the right people in the right positions.

In breaking down the 4×100 relay, Coach Hart emphasizes that whatever method is used-sell it to your athletes. He explains a step-by-step method for passing the baton through the zone, and includes a discussion on the acceleration zone, the marks needed for the outgoing runner so that he is at top speed when receiving the baton and the placement of the hands.

Coach Hart then touches on the 4×200 and 4×400 relay by adding the minor differences needed for these relays. You’ll also get Coach Hart’s thoughts on the use of the blocks, proper block placement on the track, the start, the exchange, and drills using the baton.

Get the drills and techniques that have made Baylor one of the top relays schools in the nation.