Cliff Rovelto’s Complete Guide to the High Jump

  • Develop an approach that will optimize your athletes’ individual strengths
  • Includes drills for proper takeoff mechanics to fully maximize the speed gathered during the approach
  • Discover multi-jump progressions that allow the athlete to focus on their technique without the wear and tear of taking full jumps
  • Features demonstration by 2011 World Champion Jesse Williams
with Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University Director of Cross Country and Track & Field;
USA Track & Field Master Coach – Jumps; 7x Team USA staff member; 2001 U.S. Track Coaches Association Women’s Outdoor National Coach of the Year, 5x Midwest Region Coach of the Year; 2001 USTCA Women’s Outdoor National Coach of the Year; 2x Big 12 Conference Women’s Outdoor Coach of the YearGet the the technical skills and knowledge you need to create championship-caliber high jumpers.

Using a easy to follow and extremely detailed approach, Cliff Rovelto, the long time Director of Cross Country and Track and Field at Kansas State University, delves into the basics of the high jump from laying out the approach to safe clearance and landing. His instruction includes understanding center of mass, centripetal force, inertia and momentum, and applying their relationships to running mechanics, strength and posture.

Beginning with the basic theories of the high jump, Coach Rovelto explains that producing pressure into the ground will translate into more vertical velocity – the key to high jumping. Using drills for the first three steps and moving to the actual take-off itself, Rovelto offers not only the keys to a consistent and controlled run-up, but also introduces five drills to develop the proper approach.

Coach Rovelto explains how to properly set out your approach and measure your marks in terms that make this easy to do for any coach or jumper. He emphasizes the need to run a tighter and faster radius, have more lean, apply pressure against the ground, and have a greater range of motion-this converts vertical velocity into horizontal velocity which translates into a better jump.

The takeoff is the key to a successful jump, Rovelto explains how to teach the take-off, and the drills to re-enforce successful take-off form. He also explains teaching the single-arm, one and a half-arm, and double arm take-off.

You will receive an in-depth explanation into flight mechanics and how to teach a safe-landing, including drills to reinforce these concepts. You’ll also get ideas on meet strategy and how to set up your practices for the greatest efficiency and benefit of your jumpers.

This video is an outstanding tool for coaches who wish to simplify one of track and field’s most technical events and who want to develop great high jumpers. With demonstrations by 2011 World Champion Jesse Williams and other top jumpers, you’ll get one of the clearest explanations of techniques available in an instructional video. Both beginner and veteran coaches will appreciate the wealth of knowledge provided by one of the top high jump coaches in the nation!