Championship Winning Walls: Underwater Swimming – The Fifth Competitive Stroke

With Richard Quick,

former Auburn University Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach; former Stanford University Head Women’s Swimming Coach, 3X Olympic Coach, 12 NCAA Team Championships, 5X NCAA Coach of the Year and Milt Nelms, World-renowned coach, clinician, and artist/illustrator.

In Underwater Swimming – The Fifth Competitive Stroke, Richard Quick discusses the fact that in many competitive races today, up to 60% of the race can be done underwater! Quick presents drills and skills that will equip you to take your swimmers’ underwater capabilities to a new level. This video begins with Coach Nelms in the classroom, explaining with fantastic illustrations just how Posture, Line and Balance are factors in wall push-off set-ups for successful underwater swimming by learning to utilize what he calls the “Power Triangle.” In the pool, Quick shares Posture, Line and Balance skill development of body undulation on the front, side, and back positions. He continues with incorporating these skills into drills that are designed to teach swimmers how to successfully use body undulation in their push-offs through full stroke breakouts for fly, back and free. Quick also shares the nuances of “fish swimming,” and how to apply it to fly, back and free and then demonstrates the use of several pieces of training apparatus including: Front snorkel, monofin, short fins. Excellent instruction!

41 minutes.