Championship Signature Move Series – Ben Askren: “Funk” Defense from the Feet

  • Versatile defense vs single, double and high crotch takedown attempts
  • Wrestling Techniques that can be hit from anywhere on the mat
  • Includes counter techniques
  • Clear, in-depth instruction
with Ben Askren,
Arizona St. University Assistant Coach;
2X NCAA Champ and 2X Dan Hodge Trophy winner from the University of MissouriBen Askren’s style has been described as many things: “one-of-a-kind,” “unorthodox,” “crazy” and “funky.” The fact is that these “funk” positions happen in the natural flow of the match. These same situations have been seen at all levels – from high school duals to the NCAA Championships. Now for the first time ever Ben Askren shares his “funk” technique with you. Askren breaks down his three main “funk” techniques from the feet: the Pass, Double Ankles and a move he calls: “The World’s Best Unknown Move.” Each move is broken down step-by-step from multiple angles. In addition, he provides counters to each move, as well as a defense against each counter. As a bonus he also shares his defensive technique against the High Crotch and Double Leg takedowns. Mastering this “funk” style of wrestling will give you a leg up on the best competition.