Championship Signature Move Series – Ben Askren: Cradles and Hammerlocks

  • Score back points from any position on the mat
  • Drills to reinforce cradle technique
  • A “new” look at old techniques
with Ben Askren,
Arizona St. University Assistant Coach;
2X NCAA Champ and 2X Dan Hodge Trophy winner from the University of MissouriBen Askren’s “funk” style of wrestling is widely known for its aggressiveness- evidence of this is his school records 91 career falls and 29 falls in a season. Askren shows the secrets of his favorite pinning combinations. He focuses on three pinning holds: the inside cradle, outside cradle, and the hammerlock. Askren teaches a number of finishes for each, showing how to score the fall no matter what your opponent tries to do to counter it. He also includes his brand of the three-quarter nelson, as well as his own creation – ‘the Assassin,’ which originated from a freestyle move. He covers each move from breakdown to finish, and details how he made each move work in college. These moves are applicable at all levels of wrestling.