Breaststroke with Mark Gangloff

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with Mark Gangloff,
Two-time Olympic Gold , NCAA Champion, 13-time NCAA All AmericanTwo-time Olympian Mark Gangloff swims breaststroke with grace, power and patience that makes it look easy. His goal is to be as fast as possible and has achieved it in a major way. If you have a similar goal – this DVD is for you.

In Swim Like a Champion – Breaststroke, Olympian breaststroker Mark Gangloff demonstrates and explains all of the components of the stroke. Viewers will learn the best drills to improve their ‘feel’ for the water. His drills will teach you the pressure points and how to make a connection between every part of your body. You will eliminate drag and generate astonishing smooth-flowing power.

Gangloff is a coach at the University of Missouri and an expert clinician. His technical instruction centers around numerous drills that he has perfected to hone his technique. He also discusses his methods to execute a powerful start, an efficient pullout, a tight and fast turn and how to finish races with a fully extended stroke.

Never before has a video been able to capture the intangibles for successful breaststroke in a more encompassing way. The use of many simultaneous cameras – including underwater and overhead – give an unrivaled, helpful perspective of what every movement and every stroke should look and feel like! Unscripted insight and candid observations from Gangloff makes the time spent with this video as valuable as any instruction you’ve ever had!

Breaststroke is a complex stroke and there’s always more to learn. Thanks to one of the America’s most accomplished breaststrokers in history, you will now have your own DVD that you can watch over and over again. If you are serious about being a champion in breaststroke, Swim Like a Champion – Breaststroke is as important a personal possession as your goggles! It’s a “Must Have”!

Enjoy and “Swim Like a Champion!”