Blueprint for a Productive Baseball Practice

  • Watch an entire Coastal Carolina baseball practice as Gilmore explains the goals and objectives behind each segment
  • Get more accomplished and save practice time with Gilmore’s multi-faceted, live batting practice
  • See a competitive, short game scrimmage to build fundamentals and baseball awareness
with Gary Gilmore,
Coastal Carolina University Head Coach;
2016 NCAA College World Series Champions;
2016 NCBWA National Coach of the Year
2016 Big South Coach of the Year (has won the award 9 times), 10x Big South Conference Champions; over 1,000 career wins – 14 40+ win seasonsGary Gilmore pulls back the curtain on a Coastal Carolina baseball practice! In this DVD, you get a first-hand look at the practice organization and philosophy that has led to 10 NCAA tournament berths and 10, 40+ win seasons in 12 years (1999-2010).Coach Gilmore shows you each segment of a live Coastal practice. Throughout the DVD, Gilmore provides narrative and coaching insights that bring out the nuances, objectives and philosophies of his practices.Warm Up – Warm up your team with Coastal’s functional movement, stretching and sprinting programs.Infielders & Catchers Throwing Program – Improve your exchange, footwork and the carry on your throws with this comprehensive, situational throwing program.

Infield Drills – See a series of glove drills that work on exchanging the ball, proper footwork, and working on the backhand catch.

Pitcher/Catcher Fielding Practice – Shore up your defense with this fielding practice program for pitchers and catchers: Pass balls, wild pitch situations, 1st & 3rd situations and the safety squeeze.

Outfield Drills – This outfield drill segment features drills to work on changing directions, sprinting to the ball, catching a ball over your head, proper body position for throwing to bases and a cut and relay drill.

Team Defense – Gilmore shares his bunt defense work and 1st & 3rd defensive work through game scenarios. These game-like situations include baserunners and a 3rd base coach to add to the realism of the drill.

Team Batting Practice – This live team batting practice is broken down into four groups – Group 1: Hitting; Groups 2 and 3: Live Defense; and Group 4: Live Base Running. This drill works on key hitting, defense and base running techniques and provides game-like situations.

Competitive Bunt Scrimmage – Simultaneously work on bunting and bunt defense in a competitive, game-like situation. This two inning bunt practice features work on early inning and late inning pressure situations.

This DVD offers many ideas for running an effective practice by incorporating a variety of technique work, drills and game situations into a short period of time and making everything as game-like as possible.