Biomechanics and Drills for Developing Great Hitters

  • Learn how to maximize bat speed with load drills that develop movement and timing
  • Discover how to get on plane with the ball early in the swing to hit through a bigger zone
  • Learn how to effectively hit a change-up and stay back on any off-speed pitch
with Randy Schneider, Iowa State University Assistant Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Associate Head Coach;
2013 Big Ten Tournament Champions;
Former head coach at Valparaiso University, where he left as the programs all-time wins leader; 2008 Horizon League Co-Coach of the YearTo maximum success, a great swing needs the correct sequence of movements. In this instructional and informative video, Randy Schneider offers physics-based drills that teach the key fundamentals of a bio-mechanically sound swing. Coach Schneider shares drills for each phase of the swing, as well as drills to train vision. He also shares his thoughts on differential learning to help structure practices to produce the most learning.

Stance and Load Drills
A strong stance is critical to putting the hitter in a good position to generate power using the ground. Coach Schneider explains principles of the stance and offers two drills to teach hitters how to get into a strong stance position. He also explains how to activate the hands with a load and demonstrates three drills to work on the load phase of the swing.

Connection and Contact Point Drills
Connection is when the forces of the upper and lower body are added together. Good connection and contact help the hitter stay on plane longer, giving them them the opportunity to hit more balls solidly. Because connection is so important to the swing, Coach Schneider shows two drills that work specifically on getting into a good connection position. He also shares six drills to practice moving from connection to, and through, contact.

Coach Schneider continues his presentation with a number of other drills he uses with his hitters, including vision drills that work specifically on seeing the ball well. He offers valuable advice for hitting change-ups, and shares a drill he uses to practice staying back on off-speed pitches.

The best way to teach any skill is to give players the feeling of proper movement. Coach Schneider shares 19 drills to help you give your hitters that feeling and to put them on track for hitting success.