Becoming a Champion Water Polo Player: Offensive Techniques, Skills & Drills

With Kirk Everist,

University of California, Berkeley Head Men’s Coach, ’06 & ’07 NCAA Champions; as a player – 3x All-American, NCAA Player of the Year (’88) and 2x US Olympian, Cal Athletic Hall of Fame (’04) and USA Water Polo Hall of Fame (’04)

Coach Kirk Everist begins this five-part instructional water polo DVD with Passing including: Passing Base Position, Warm up Basic Drills, Balancing and Rebounding Drills, and Release Point Drills. Part 2) Shooting includes Shooting Base position, Frontcourt Shooting Skills, Stagnant/Basic Shooting Drills, Sliding Shooting Drills, Shooting vs. Throwing Drills, Driver/ Movement Shooting Drills, Inside water Shooting Skills & Drills. Part 3) 2 Meter Offense includes Base Position, Positioning Drills, Shooting/Passing Basics, Specific Shot instruction, and Shooting drills. Part 4) Driver Skills and Drills includes Position Specific Skills and Driver Drills. In each of the above segments, Everist shares classroom instruction for the technical aspects including skill set requirements, a complete drill walk-through followed by in water drill demonstrations with narration. Part 5) Water Polo Basic Movement Skills: is included as a separate chapter. Coach Everist shares 8 different drills (both in and out of water) including: hand transfer drills, swimming with ball drills, vision quickness drills and wrist drills. Between the instructional nuances that Coach Everist shares, along with expert demonstration from his players, this comprehensive guide to offense is certain to help you take your offense to another level!

127 minutes.