Becoming a Champion Water Polo Player: Offensive & Defensive Game Tactics

With Kirk Everist,

University of California, Berkeley Head Men’s Coach, ’06 & ’07 NCAA Champions; as a player – 3x All-American, NCAA Player of the Year (’88) and 2x US Olympian, Cal Athletic Hall of Fame (’04) and USA Water Polo Hall of Fame (’04)

A key to success in any team sport is to develop a sense and feel for game tactics. In this classroom presentation, Kirk Everist shared with you a sequential breakdown of tactical strategies and that he has successfully implemented to guide his Cal Bears to back-to-back NCAA titles. In Part 1, Offensive Tactics, Coach Everist presents a five-segment break down. 1) Counter Attack Offense, 2) Frontcourt/Half court Offense 3) Press Offense Individual skills, 4) Offense vs. Zone Defense, 5) 6 on 5. Part 2) Defensive Tactics, offers a five-segment breakdown that includes 1) Counter Attack Defense, 2) Front court/Half court Defense, 3) Frontcourt Pressure Defense, 4) Frontcourt Zone Defense, and 5) 6 on 5 Defense. In each segment, Everist shares detailed keys to success with strategies to enhance successful play for both individual and team play. Also included as a separate chapter is Part 3, Water Polo Basic Movement Skills in which Coach Everist shares 8 different drills (both in and out of water) including: hand transfer drills, swimming with ball drills, vision quickness drills and wrist drill. This presentation serves to educate and motivate the player, coach or team looking to raise their game to the championship level!

100 minutes.