Becoming a Champion: The Complete Guide to the Short Game

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with Tina Mickelson,
PGA Class A Golf Professional, Golf Channel featured instructor/host, syndicated author – 1.5+ million newspapers/websites, Editor/PR Director for Golf for Enlightenment (Dr. Deepak Chopra), golf analyst for ESPN Radio and Sporting News radio.
Tina Mickelson has been around golf her entire life – in fact, PGA Tour Professional and 2004 Master’s champion Phil Mickelson and University of San Diego head golf coach Tim Mickelson are her brothers!In this instructional DVD, Tina Mickelson tackles the most critical shots in a golfer’s short game: the bump-and-run, the pitch shot, the lob shot, and the putt. Learn proper club selection for every shot in your short game. Improve your distance control and accuracy when utilizing the bump-and-run. Get the proper trajectory on your pitch shots and lobs shots by checking your stance, your ball alignment, club head speed, and your ability to trust in your shot. Discover Mickelson’s “best kept secret in golf” – effectively striking the severe downhill chip shot. Coach yourself by using four effective drills for maximizing your putting accuracy, learn how to setup to the ball, grip the club, and get proper distance on your shot. It’s time to take advantage of those easy birdie opportunities and Tina Mickelson will show you how!