Becoming a Champion Tennis Player: Doubles Strategies and Techniques

With Bill Mountford,

Senior Vice President of World TeamTennis; former USTA National Tennis Center Director of Tennis (NTC) and US Open Director of Player Operations, Founder of the HEAD Junior Tennis Academy (NJ)

Internationally-known for his teaching instruction and uncanny ability to successfully “troubleshoot” tennis players and coaches of all levels and ages on virtually every subject, Mountford has created one of the most useful doubles tennis “clinics on video” every created! On court demonstrations are used to allow aspiring tennis players to see, and then visualize, proper form and technique. Mountford teaches when it is appropriate to use alternative positioning for the server including the “kamikaze”, “I-formation”, and “server back”. He also talks about when to use the “two back” when returning the serve. Mountford demonstrates the effectiveness of hitting deep on the opponent’s court, in addition to knowing when to use shots such as the “dump volley” and the “block shot”. He also teaches helpful group drills that include the “double hit volley”, “service line quick volleys” and the “rotating volley”. Not only does Mountford teach proper technique, but he also gives advice on becoming a positive teammate. By following Mountford’s time-tested instruction, you will be on your way to becoming a “Champion” doubles tennis player.

55 minutes.