Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Starts & Turns

  • See the starts and turns for all strokes on one DVD
  • Get detailed mid pool and at the wall drills for all turns
  • Features freestyle and backstroke start instruction
with Richard Quick,
former Auburn University Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach;
former Stanford University Head Women’s Swimming Coach,
12 NCAA Team Championships, 5X NCAA “Coach of the Year”Coach Richard Quick’s start drill sequences are designed have the swimmer enter the entire body through the “hole” in the water and carry that speed into the stroke. Beginning with the forward start, Coach Quick leads his young demonstrators through a series of kneeling drills before moving up to the actual block start position. Quick utilizes the track start that affords maximum stability on the block and allows a quick take off. Quick then shares a lead up sequence for the backstroke start that is designed to get the hips over the water on the start before moving to the full backstroke starts. In the Turns segment of this video, Quick begins with turns for free and backstroke. Starting with the basics of body rotation, Quick progresses through a series of drills that result in teaching a swimmer that the tighter you can tuck the faster you can spin and the faster the turn. Quick also shares free and backstroke breakout strategies that include both a dolphin kick breakout and a flutter kick breakout. Quick then moves into turns for the breaststroke and butterfly. He builds the turn from the basics of teaching body rotation along with mid pool drills that require a tight tuck and fast spin before teaching the full turn at the wall for fly and breast. Quick teaches the basics of the breakouts for fly and the breaststroke and includes detailed instruction on how to do an efficient pullout. Quick then goes through all of the turns for the individual medley.