Becoming a Champion Lacrosse Player with Gary Gait: Shooting Techniques & Drills

With Gary Gait,Syracuse University Women’s Head Lacrosse Coach;

former Colorado Mammoth (NLL) Head Coach, NLL Champions (2006); member of the United States Lacrosse National Hall of Fame (2005) and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame

Shooting is more complex than just throwing the ball at the goal. It involves body mechanics, using the stick, deception and developing different shots around the field. Focusing on push-pull, lacrosse legend Gary Gait begins with the basic shot. The same basic form can be aided by different release points, demonstrated by the game’s greatest player. From a basic position, the player can accurately change the direction of the shot. Deception is another big part of developing skill as a shooter, and Gait shows proper body position for high and low shots. Gait clearly details the mechanics and teaching points used in deceptive shooting. Gait’s next focus is to share different shots from the outside. Three main shots demonstrated are the sidearm crank shot, sweeping and on the run shots; most of your shots will come from these two types of shots. These shots rely on coiling the body, dipping and side to side deception. Gait teaches his players to telegraph the fake but not the shot. Gait concludes with his infamous ’trick’ shots that only he can teach. These shots include behind the back, twister, change up, the elevator and the handle slam. This DVD is a great ’one-on-one training session’ with the “greatest lacrosse player of all time”!

44 minutes.