Becoming a Champion: Hurdles for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Over 30 drills to develop hurdle mobility, form and quickness and help you improve your times
  • Increase your hurdlers’ raw speed
  • Get strength training drills and core exercises to improve explosiveness
  • Review common mistakes made by both rookie and veteran hurdlers, and learn how to fix them
with Elisha Brewer, University of Kansas Assistant Track and Field Coach (Sprints and Hurdles);
in 8 years at Kansas she has developed 14 All-Americans; an All-American at the University of ArkansasGet all the tools you need to improve your hurdles PR! Hurdles coach Elisha Brewer delves into five components that are essential to becoming a champion hurdler:

  • Flexibility
  • Technique
  • Starts
  • Knowledge of event
  • Sprints mechanics

Each drill in this video is demonstrated by two female athletes providing you with a model for how to correctly execute the drill. You will also hear Brewer’s cue words as she coaches her athletes through the drills and makes adjustments to their technique.Coach Brewer provides numerous warm-up drills that consist of dynamic stretches and hurdle mobility. These drills can be done every day – indoors or outdoors – to improve the flexibility of your athletes.

Brewer shows a series of dynamic exercises designed to strengthen the entire body, and especially the muscles needed for hurdling. These exercises target the speed and strength required for successful hurdling. You will also see medicine ball drills that will make your athletes stronger and more explosive.

In the starts segment, you will see everything from start drills to setting up the starting blocks. These drills and techniques can be used to get more comfortable with the start position and to improve quickness out of the blocks.

The hurdle mobility drills in this video will help develop and refine speed, tight body position, position and posture of the lead and trail leg, turnover, rhythm, endurance, and strength.

Brewer includes insights into meet strategy and common mistakes that can hamper performance.

From the basics to the advanced, this video is packed with useful skills and drills. Appropriate for athletes and coaches of all abilities, this video is without doubt one of the most comprehensive reviews of hurdling on the market.