Becoming a Champion Golfer: Course Management

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with John Inman,
former University of North Carolina Men’s Golf Head Coach;
12-year veteran of the PGA TourHead Coach John Inman takes you through a series of demonstrations to highlight the importance of making good, smart decisions on the golf course. You will learn how to think your way around the course, reduce your score, and come to the course prepared for any situation. Inman emphasizes the importance of keeping your ego in check as he discusses club selection and setting up challenging shots from the tee box, fairway, bunker, rough and around the green. Course management techniques apply to every facet of the game. In addition to course management, Coach Inman answers the questions that every coach has about building a championship program, building team unity, finding effective assistant coaches, and handling successful players. This DVD contains excellent instruction from a top-notch pro and is a great tool for anyone who wants to take shots off their score.