Becoming a Champion: Errors and Corrections for the Short Game

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with Tina Mickelson,
PGA Class A Golf Professional, Golf Channel featured instructor/host, syndicated author – 1.5+ million newspapers/websites, Editor/PR Director for Golf for Enlightenment (Dr. Deepak Chopra), golf analyst for ESPN Radio and Sporting News radio.
Tina Mickelson has been around golf her entire life – in fact, PGA Tour Professional and 2004 Master’s champion Phil Mickelson and University of San Diego head golf coach Tim Mickelson are her brothers!Many players restrict their short game by making simple mistakes in chipping, putting, and bunker play. In this valuable DVD, Tina Mickelson identifies these common problems and demonstrates simple and effective ways to correct them. Learn solutions to two common errors for the bump-and-run shot. Discover Mickelson’s personal set-up checklist for all wedge shots. Improve your play from tight lies and learn how to hit a great lob shot. Play bunker shots with confidence and avoid common mistakes by utilizing stance variations, the proper grip, and knowing how to strike the ball. Become an effective putter by eliminating club acceleration and wrist action mistakes. Learn how to find the right line on a putt, how to handle downhill putts, how to putt in a stiff wind, how to putt from the fringe, and how to improve your distance control. After eliminating common errors and practicing Mickelson’s proven fundamentals, you will lower your scores and your confidence will soar!