Becoming a Champion: An Athlete’s Guide to Building Self-Confidence

With Greg Dale, Ph.D.,

Mental Training Coach, Duke University

Self-confidence is a determining factor for success in athletics. Learning to build self-confidence as well as learning to regain lost confidence requires knowledge, understanding, implementation, and constant maintenance. In this DVD, Greg Dale highlights six key ingredients to build and maintain self-confidence:

  1. Understanding Confidence. Learn the answers to these key questions: What is confidence? Where does it comes from? Why is it so important?
  2. Self-Talk. Learn to use positive self-talk rather than negative self-talk.
  3.  Be an Actor. Act confident to assist in building confidence.
  4. Trust Yourself. Learn how to use mental cues to assist in developing self-trust, i.e. self-confidence.
  5. Competition is the Reward. Embrace competition, rather than fear it.
  6. Mistakes Happen. Even the most confident athletes deal with mistakes. Learn strategies for dealing with self-disappointment in ways that will not shatter your confidence.

In each of these areas, Dale provides valuable tips and helpful guidelines that will help you bring confidence to your game.

40 minutes.