Backstroke with Matt Grevers

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Backstrokewith Matt Grevers,
Olympic and World Champion, Six-time Olympic Medalist, Four-time NCAA National Champion, 27-time NCAA All AmericanIn Swim Like a Champion – Backstroke, you’ll get a rare look ‘inside the mind’ of the world’s best backstroker: Matt Grevers. Grevers says every single stroke he takes in practice and in races is executed with purpose and thought. In this video, he will teach you to swim with efficiency and explosive speed by learning good habits and knowing what to think about as you swim.

You will see how his core, hips and arms work together in rhythm, to make backstroke look effortless. He has developed ways to cut hundredths of a second from the various components of his race and is ready to share his secrets with you in this unique DVD.

As an engaging clinician, Grevers is well versed at dissecting the seven components for swimming flawless backstroke. For this video, he has compiled his favorite drills and breaks down in detail how he generates power and speed. Learn to leverage the connection between your hips, arms and “fully engaged core”. Watch and learn about his incredibly powerful start, thundering breakouts, and turns. This DVD will show you Grevers’ “lunge” finish and all his other secrets.

Never before has a video been produced that captures the intangibles of swimming backstroke in a more explicit way. The insight, explanations, demonstrations and candid personal observations of Olympic Champion Matt Grevers in conjunction with the use of many simultaneous cameras give an unrivaled, dynamic perspective of what every movement and every stroke should look and feel like.

If you are serious about being a winning swimmer, this DVD will become one of your most valuable tools. You will watch it over and over again because it contains everything you need to improve your stroke! When something didn’t ‘feel right’ in practice, Matt will have the answer in Swim Like a Champion – Backstroke.