Allen Fox’s Ultimate Tennis Drills

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Dr. Allen Fox, former coach Pepperdine University men’s tennis team,
his teams reached the NCAA finals twice, the semi-finals three times, and the quarter-finals six times. He was named to the Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame.Dr. Allen Fox has designed a set of tennis drills that REALLY WORK! Tennis drills are designed to mimic the exact stroke sequences that players employ in a match and allow the players to hit the same stroke repeatedly and quickly so as to ingrain proper techniques. Dr. Fox’s incredibly effective drills helped him propel the Pepperdine University tennis team into a top 5 ranking in NCAA Division 1 and keep successive teams there for 10 straight years! These drills help players enjoy practice while learning to focus their concentration, develop reliable strokes and get in superlative physical condition. These drills will work equally well for players of all levels of play.