All Access TCU Baseball Practice

  • Learn to run a game-like practice with energy and urgency while keeping your players engaged
  • Combine batting practice with live defense and train hitters on directional hitting and fielders on situations–simultaneously
  • Run a fully coached warm-up so your players are game-ready
  • Discover the three-corner base running drill which combines live offense and defense and specific game situations into a controlled, time efficient manner
featuring Jim Schlossnagle,
Texas Christian University Head Coach; over 350 career victories
manager of the 2013 Collegiate National Team;
2010 NCBWA National Coach of the Year, 7x MWC Coach of the Year (2003-09)This is not a description of how TCU practices, and it’s not a demonstration, it’s the real thing! Get on the field with the coach who has won “Coach of the Year” for six straight years, and see exactly how he runs his practice.In this 3-disc set, Jim Schlossnagle, whose TCU teams have won six straight regular season crowns, leads his squad through complete practice sessions across multiple days. You’ll get a first-hand look at how to simulate the game as much as possible to prepare your players for success throughout the season.

You’ll be part of a fully coached and cued stretch; a highly productive indoor hitting session filled with quality coaching; a catching session in which the catchers work on primary position, secondary position, throwing position and throwing transfer; four-corner base running, scoring from 2nd, working on reads and jumps; target batting practice and rhythm batting practice with live defenses focusing on stopping runners of different abilities and making outs at different bases; infield drills; pitcher live-pick drills; indoor hitting stations with live toss for fastball away, front toss, low and away tee, and contact points. You’ll also watch an intrasquad game on day 2 with crowd noise piped in over the stadium’s PA system.

Coach Schlossnagle’s practice philosophy is on display throughout – simulate a game as much as possible. He concentrates on the things that happen in the course of a game that he feels mean the most, all while adding a sense of urgency and energy, focusing on new guys, looking at failures and success, handling tired players, defining and tracking positive at-bats, and controlling the things you can control in the sport of baseball.

This DVD is ideal for coaches of all levels as well as players aspiring to play at the college level. You get to see exactly how a top team runs its practice, but you also get to hear what the coaches are saying to all their players, how they are immediately fixing mistakes, the detail they put into explaining proper decisions, and also telling the listener what is happening and why that is their philosophy.

Create a high-level program by studying TCU’s high standard of practice and performance.