All Access Cornell Wrestling Practice with Rob Koll

  • Watch three live practices at Cornell University
  • See how Coach Koll effectively teaches the front headlock series in a live practice setting
  • Pick up early season conditioning drills to get your wrestlers into mat-shape as quickly as possible
  • See Cornell’s weightlifting session to keep your wrestlers at full strength throughout the season
with Rob Koll,
Cornell University Head Coach;
2011 NCAA Championships Runner-Up;
2011 NWCA National Duals Champions;
2010 EIWA Coach of the Year;
2005 NWCA Division I Coach of the Year;
2016 EIWA Champions – 10 consecutive EIWA Conference Championships (2007 – 2016);
2x World Cup Champion,
NCAA Champ and 4x All-Americanincludes instruction from Damion Hahn, Matt Azevedo and Jeremy Spates

See what it’s like to be in the wrestling room at Cornell University. In this unique wrestling DVD, Rob Koll opens the doors to three of his practices from the 2010 season. Experience the inner-workings of Cornell practices, get drills and techniques you can use in your program and see what it takes to run a championship caliber practice.

Koll and his staff introduce new techniques that will be incorporated into each practice throughout the year. Koll’s techniques and drills center around the three main goals of the Cornell program: Be strong defensively, be tough on top and don’t get ridden.

First day highlights include:

  • Front Headlock Series – Taught by Assistant Coach Damion Hahn. You will see how Cornell wrestlers use the front headlock as an offensive weapon. This motion based technique will get your opponent off balance, which opens him up and gives your wrestler many scoring options.
  • Leg Series – Jeremy Spates shows you a punishing leg ride series that will keep your opponent on the mat and lead to back points for your wrestlers. Spates includes a lift and throw technique, as well as troubleshooting counter defense ideas.
  • Drill Work – This practice includes 30 minutes of drill work including 14 drills to perfect takedowns, defense, tilts and stand-ups.

The second day of practice features a lighter workout. In it you will see the team demonstrate more than 10 weightlifting exercises that will not only build strength, but help maintain it through the season. These lifts feature resistance bands and dumb bells.

The technique session focuses on:

  • Attacking Ties to Dominate the Position – Assistant Coach Matt Azevedo emphasizes putting pressure on your opponent. See how your wrestlers can use their hands to move their opponent to create angles for high percentage scores. Azevedo also demonstrates how to beat a thumb block.
  • Breakdowns – Azevedo teaches a tight waist chop and spiral breakdown and how to use them to get into the leg series that was shown in Day One.

In the third practice, Coach Koll focuses on two techniques:

  • Collar Tie to Russian Tie – Stay tight and use the set-up to hit a drag or high crotch takedown.
  • Leg Defense – Coach Spates shows four ways to prevent the leg from getting in, which is the best defense to any leg rider. In addition, he shows the hip smash technique, which will get your opponent off the leg if he beats your defense. You’ll also see how to defend the power half and how to free yourself from a scissor/figure four ride.
  • Grind Match Drills – Get your wrestlers focused on technique when they are tired!

This is the first wrestling practice planning DVD of its kind. This DVD package delivers technique, drills and coaching points all in a live setting, giving you the full experience of a championship-caliber practice.