All Access Butterfly with Matt Kredich featuring Christine Magnuson

  • Over 3 hours of butterfly instruction
  • Innovative approaches to teaching the butterfly
  • Includes butterfly stroke, start and turn instruction
  • Learn Christine Magnuson’s personal butterfly insights
with Matt Kredich,
University of Tennessee Head Coach;
2008 SEC Women’s Coach of the Year, 4x Ivy League Coach of the YearChristine Magnuson,
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist 100M Fly,
2008 Olympic Trials 100 M Fly Champion, 2008 NCAA 100 yd Butterfly Champion

In this break through presentation, Kredich and Magnuson team up to share with you over 3 hours of comprehensive instruction on the butterfly. Get a detailed look at the stroke, start, and turn, along with race day strategies and routines.

This in-depth instruction is broken down into 13 segments:

  • Undulation Drills. Kredich takes Magnuson through a front and side undulation sequence that focuses on creating a forward movement on a very tight line.
  • Pull Drills: Learn a five-drill sequence that connects the tight line undulation to the propulsion that the pull creates.
  • Catch Drills. Discover innovative positional drills that will allow your swimmers to experience the feel of the catch without full stroke swimming.
  • Full Stroke and Stroke Inefficiencies. Kredich provides full stroke demonstration and instruction, common stroke errors and full stroke analysis. Learn what to look for as you watch your swimmers swim the butterfly, what errors might be slowing them down, the best angles to view your swimmers, and more.
  • The Pull. Kredich utilizes a Vasa Trainer and Swiss balls to breakdown all segments of the pull. He vividly demonstrates how the proper pull technique can effect body position.
  • The Kick. Get a complete on-deck instructional breakdown of the timing of each of the two kicks in the butterfly stroke. Engage your swimmers in a variety of multi positional kicking drills.
  • Evolution of Christine’s butterfly. Listen in as Kredich and Magnuson share a candid conversation on how Christine’s stroke evolved to the championship form that it is today; including the decision to switch from front breathing to side breathing.
  • The Breath. Learn the timing technique of the breath and get instruction for both front and side breathing and the benefits of each.
  • The Start. See a step-by-step breakdown of the block set up, dive execution, entry and breakout of Christine’s start.
  • The Turn. Kredich focuses on a tight, fast and efficient spin that gives the best opportunity for a fast and efficient change of direction at the wall.
  • The Finish. Pick up a highly effective drill that will teach and train your swimmers to shape their body in a position that is optimal for forward momentum.
  • Race Day Warm-up. Gain insight and strategies for teaching your swimmers to evaluate their feel and stroke efficiency in sprints and pace work during warm-ups at a meet.

In her technical suit, Magnuson performs her pre race sprints, while Kredich offers a hands-on look into how to enhance the swimmer’s meet performance.

  • The Race. Magnuson takes you through her pre-race routine from the ready room through the start of a race. She shares her thoughts on how she approaches her race. This segment serves as a great example to swimmers to stay within themselves to attain their best performance.

Now you can use the same techniques that took Christine Magnuson from all conference to Olympic silver medalist in just three years.