All Access Blair Academy Wrestling Practice

    • Get an exclusive look at five in-season practices from the legendary Blair Academy wrestling program
    • Excellent one-on-one coaching
    • Learn how to hit the “Blair Academy Turk”
    • See a kettle bell and sand bag workout circuit
    with Jeff Buxton,
    former Blair Academy Head Wrestling Coach;
    2012 National Prep Champions (32nd straight National Prep title);
    Along with the National Prep title, Blair Academy also won the Ironman, Beast of the East, and Powerade tournament titles in 2012 finishing as the top ranked high school team in the country (the 10th time they have finished #1 since 1995).
    Team of the Decade (2000-09)Year-in and year-out one program has been at the top of the high school wrestling world – Blair Academy. Now, for the first time ever, head coach Jeff Buxton open the doors to his practice room to give you an inside look at how he runs Blair Academy wrestling practices.

    This DVD set gives you an excellent look at five in-season practices that focus on technique instruction and drilling segments. Glean valuable tips and ideas on how to set-up “slow drilling” and “hard drilling” sessions that will allow you to get very technical in your teaching. These fast drills will help develop your wrestlers in a live setting and teach them to react and fine-tune their technique so they can match up with the very best.

    Buxton coaches a lot of technique in these five practices. You will see how he teaches in a group setting and in one-on-one situations. Techniques include:

    • Motion on the Feet – Create angles to get to the other side of your opponent and score.
    • Defense – Learn Buxton’s down block and sprawl technique to make your opponent “pay the price for shooting.”
    • Cut-Aways – Keep your wrists free and learn to get away if your opponent has his arm inside or gets his hands locked.
    • Knee Slides and Change-Overs – Get your opponent on top moving and allow your guys to escape quicker.
    • Inside Control and Attacking the Hands – Snap down and go behinds, mat returns, wrist tilts and more!

    Buxton focuses a lot of attention on the Turk. He delivers a detailed breakdown of how he teaches the hold and provides a few variations of it to earn back points based on how your opponent tries to defend. He shows drills at different levels on the mat that you can put your wrestlers in so they can transition from a takedown right into a Turk.

    In addition to the wrestling technique, you will see a unique horizontal and vertical rope workout, as well as a version of Blair’s kettle bell and sand bag strength and conditioning circuit.

    This is a unique look at an elite high school program. Order now and train like a champion this season!