Aggressive Offense: Baserunning and the Short Game

  • Two great topics on one DVD!
  • Neutralize great pitching with great baserunning
  • Put pressure on the defense and set your team up for easy scoring opportunities
with George Wares,
Central College Head Coach,
over 1,000 Career wins – winningest coach in NCAA Division III softball history;
Distinguished member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame (2007); 4x National Championship CoachDon’t wait for an opportunity to score-make your opportunities! This unique DVD combines two powerful elements for putting more runs on the board: Baserunning and the short game. George Wares shares the aggressive strategies that have been a big part of his 870+ career victories as a coach.

Aggressive baserunning can be the deciding factor in a close softball game. Coach Wares explains and demonstrates essential techniques and strategies at each base. He includes team drills to help you maximize practice time and improve the techniques–even if you have a small coaching staff. Also included are techniques for extra base hits and stealing situations.

Improve your baserunning with these essential techniques:

  • Getting down the first base line – Reach first base faster by using these simple techniques.
  • Rounding the bases – Take more extra bases this season with these aggressive strategies.
  • Jumping off and getting back – Maximize your lead and make the defense pay for even small errors.
  • Sliding head first – Eliminate the fear of diving and sliding head first with this simple drill progression.
  • Aggressive vs conservative base running – Produce more scoring opportunities with these base running strategies.

In addition to making your players better base runners, Wares’ coaching cue words and base coaching concepts will improve your coaching at the bases.

The second phase of Wares’ aggressive offense is the short game. Wares gives you a thorough small-ball lesson covering bunting and slapping techniques and game strategies.

You’ll learn:

  • Three different styles of slapping footwork to maintain good balance and proper plate coverage
  • Tips to stay on the ball as long as possible for sharper slap hits.
  • How to read and react to the defense when you’re slapping.
  • How to power slap to take advantage of a drawn-in infield.
  • Techniques to slap the outside pitch on a consistent basis.
  • How to bunt for a base hit on a defense that is playing back.
  • Drills to successfully execute a sacrifice bunt to advance runners.

By combining Wares’ short game offense strategies with his aggressive base running techniques you can constantly pressure the defense to make difficult plays, increase the chances of defensive errors and improve your run totals.

Create more scoring opportunities for your team this season with this two-in-one DVD!