Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Shutting Down the Passing Game

  • Pick up the key concepts and coverages you need to shut down the passing
  • Get detailed explanations of Cover 2 and Cover 3 coverages
  • See game and scrimmage footage that shows the defense in action
  • Bonus PDF includes detailed player responsibilities and diagrams from the video
with Chris Ash,
University of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach;
2010 Big Ten Co-championsPick up the key concepts and coverages you need to shut down the passing game using the 4-3 defense.Wisconsin contains the pass with man coverages and two types of zone coverages. Match-Up Zones have defenders trying to match up with receivers in tight coverage, reading the release of the ball rather than the quarterback. Peer Zones have defenders working to get to a designated area of the field, focusing on the quarterback and getting great breaks on the ball.Ash delivers a detailed explanation of two zone coverages.

  • Cover 3: A three-deep, four-under coverage with safeties rotating to the strong side. This flexible coverage is effective against the pass and the run and is adjustable so it can be used against any personnel or formation.
  • Cover 2: A two-deep, five-under coverage with the corners rolled up on the receivers and safeties with half-field coverage. This coverage is very good against a quick passing attack and is solid against perimeter runs.

In discussing each coverage, Ash starts by showing diagrams of the basic formations versus common offensive sets (pro, slot). He details alignments and responsibilities for linemen, linebackers and the secondary and discusses situation-based rules for these positions. He wraps up the discussion of each coverage with game and scrimmage footage showing several examples of the rules in action.This DVD includes a bonus PDF that can accessed on your computer and printed for your personal use when implementing this defense. This PDF includes all of the player responsibilities and diagrams discussed and shown in the video.

These concepts and coverages delivered a Top 20 defense to Wisconsin in 2010. Now you can incorporate these proven strategies into your program!