AAU Volleyball Skill Progressions: Setting

with Kevin Hambly, University of Illinois Head Coach;
2011 NCAA Runners-up; 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year; President of the AVCA Board of Directors

Are you looking for a simple method to break down the art of setting to teach your setter? This is the video you will want to pick up.

In this volume of Kevin Hambly’s coach-, player-, and parent-friendly series, he teaches how the key components of being a successful setter can be taught, learned and practiced. Coach Hambly has an experienced college setter demonstrate balanced, efficient posture and movements then walks a less experienced player through how to execute the same “Go Posture” and technique.

Some of the essentials for successful setting at any level include:

  • Beginning in a balanced, neutral “Go Posture”
  • Facing the action of the ball before making the set
  • Using whole hands to contact the ball (not just fingers)
  • Using body torque to generate setting power
  • Finishing palms (not fingers) to the target

This DVD covers every aspect of setting technique from how to fundamentally prepare for the ball, move to the ball, and contact the ball to how to handle more difficult, out-of-system, realistic match play situations such as:

  • Back setting
  • Pass setting
  • Tempo Setting
  • High Ball Setting
  • Setting out of the bottom of the net
  • Setting out from the top of the net

Your setter touches nearly one out of every ball on your side, wouldn’t you want those to be good touches? Coach Hambly’s instruction makes it easy for your setter to check themselves on each component. Hambly teaches your setter to set at a college caliber level, no matter what their age.