AAU Volleyball Skill Progressions: Passing

with Kevin Hambly, University of Illinois Head Coach;
2011 NCAA Runners-up; 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year; President of the AVCA Board of Directors

Kevin Hambly has created a coach-, player-, and parent-friendly series that demonstrates efficient movement and controlled passing, and the methods to teach them. Coach Hambly has experienced college athletes demonstrate balanced, efficient posture and movement then teaches younger, less experienced players how to execute the same “Go Posture” and movements.

Hambly takes the time to carefully explain, demonstrate and teach how to successfully move and execute controlled passes. He emphasizes these key points to both experienced and inexperienced players:

  • Begin in balanced, neutral “Go Posture” – Good posture makes it much easier to move to pass when starting with good posture
  • Initiate movement in any direction with body’s center – This will help create a consistent passing platform
  • Face the line of the serve to pass from body’s center – This gives the passer proper platform contact minimizing potential for passing errors
  • Act on the ball by initiating contact and finishing – The player acts on and controls the ball opposed to being acted on and controlled by the ball (or opponent)

After laying a solid foundation or balanced movement and controlled passing, Hambly spends time with overhead passing for those advanced players ready to tackle the increased challenge.

With each key, he takes the athletes through progressions that quickly get them passing with good form and accuracy. Each key is taught with singular focus. Hambly believes the athletes learn better by focusing on only one thing at a time. This singular focus allows for a more thorough understanding of each key. Points that are not mastered can be revisited at another time rather than making multiple corrections at one time. Developing movement patterns is extremely important so athletes don’t have to think about technique when the ball is in play. Athletes will need a great many repetitions of these skills before they will become masters of their craft.

As with the other videos in this series, Coach Hambly gives parent and players advice on how to train outside of the volleyball court, as well as tips for initiating the ball so that drill work can be as efficient and effective as possible. Hambly’s easy, conversational style makes this video a benefit for coaches and athletes of all skill levels. Simple keywords and phrases for each key are valuable for the beginning coach or a parent helping their athlete improve.

Have you ever watched a team that passed nearly every serve to target, nearly every hit to make it playable, and thought, “I wish my team passed like that”. This video will train you and your players to do exactly that and frustrate all other teams you play.