55 Dynamic Agility and Conditioning Drills for Tennis

With Todd Norman,

USC Men’s Tennis Consultant; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

“Training with Todd at The Cutting Edge has improved every aspect of my game. My strength, balance, conditioning, and quickness on the court is the best it’s ever been. Most of all, I have regained the confidence in my health and fitness, which has developed the foundation for one of the best seasons in my professional career.”

– Lindsay Davenport, 3X Grand Slam Singles Champion, 2004-05 Ranked World #1

Todd Norman, founder and owner of The Cutting Edge sports training center (Lake Forest, CA), is an expert in conditioning drills and a consultant for the USC men’s tennis program. He is also a legendary figure in the world of speed, strength, quickness and agility training and has figured prominently in the success of several individuals, and teams, in the world of competitive athletics, including the WTA #1 (2004-05) ranked player Lindsay Davenport. This superb DVD encompasses a detailed outline of over 55 drills and exercises devoted to developing your torso, upper and lower body. A series of excellent warm-up drills are followed by some of Norman’s most effective and innovative drills on stance mechanics, balance and body control. All of Norman’s drills are challenging and rewarding, and each of them is taught in an easy-to-follow/learn, step-by-step method . perfectly suited for DVD instruction! The last section on this outstanding DVD is packed with 20 drills that focus on quickness, base agility and tennis-specific movement training. You can turn up the intensity of any of these drills with the addition of bungee cords, cones, medicine balls and rubber bands. With this DVD you will learn to work hard, train smart and get the most success from your conditioning program.

78 minutes.