25 Essential Hitting Drills for Softball

  • Improve your team’s hitting power and bat speed
  • Make consistent contact with the ball and improve ball placement
  • Teach your hitters to self-correct their swing
  • Features LSU assistant coach and USA Softball Elite assistant coach Howard Dobson
with Howard Dobson, LSU Assistant Coach;
2014 USA Women’s Softball National Team Assistant Coach;
Assistant Coach for the 2012 USA Softball Elite Team; former Southern Mississippi Head CoachHoward Dobson shares twenty-seven of the drills he uses at all levels of the game to build better hitters starting from the ground and working up.

These are the same drills he uses with his hitters at LSU. Dobson provides a thorough explanation of how to correctly perform each drill – including any variations. He explains drills to work on every aspect of the swing working from the ground up, starting with the legs and moving on to the upper-body.

Lower Body
Power for hitting comes from the ground. By leveraging their legs correctly, your hitters will maximize their power in every swing. Coach Dobson introduces several drills that will develop your hitter’s lower body.

These drills help the hitter get their legs in the correct position and set them up for a correct load, stride, and weight shift. Each drill is designed to help the hitter recognize the correct feeling associated with whatever hitting skill is being taught.

Upper Body
Develop your teams’ ability to make consistent contact with the ball and stay long through the zone. Coach Dobson introduces drills designed to teach the hitter the correct grip, path to and through the ball, and finish. He shows how proper hand placement during the swing brings the contact point out in front of the body allowing the hitter to have better control of ball placement.

Dobson also shares a few drills he uses to improve a hitter’s bat speed, which is an important component for power.

Using Coach Dobson’s innovative drills, your hitters will develop the feeling of a correct, mechanically sound swing, which will ultimately help them reach their potential and put runs on the board.