20 Essential Drills to Volley Like a Pro

With Peter Smith,

University of Southern California Men’s Tennis Coach; 2009 NCAA Champions; 2007 Pac-10 and ITA West Regional Coach; 2004 Pac 10 Coach of the Year; and University of Southern California Assistant Coach Brett Masi

With clarity and skill, University of Southern California Men’s Tennis Coach Peter Smith explains and demonstrates the many aspects of the volley. Smith provides a thorough rundown of all of the essentials necessary to volley like a pro. He includes instruction on proper technique, swing mechanics, and footwork. In addition, Smith highlights over twenty unique and effective drills to teach and perfect the volley. Smith’s success has been due in part to the implementation of these well-developed drills and tactics that you and your athletes will enjoy. With this exceptional DVD, you will be able to study the volley and learn some of the most effective techniques of the game.

42 minutes.