130 “Pro Power” Strength, Power and Explosiveness Drills

With Alan Stein,

Professional Strength Coach and owner of Stronger Team,Strength & Conditioning Coach, Montrose Christian (MD) High School

Get the latest strength and power drills from one of the nations leading performance enhancement specialist! Alan Stein begins this DVD with a series of warm-up drills designed to prepare the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments for intense training. Following the warm-up, Stein presents dynamic flexibility drills to increase range of motion as well as mentally prepare for the workout. Moving to the core, Stein shares drills that work the abdominals, low back, obliques and hips – the power sources for athletic explosiveness. Leg strength and plyometric drills round out Stein’s exercises to train an athlete for quick and explosive jumping ability. Stein’s equipment needs are minimal and inexpensive. Aside from the bodyweight exercises, he uses a weighted med ball, physio ball, light dumbbells, jumping box, two lite-weight lifting plates and wax coated paper plates utilized as sliding discs. Train your players to be more explosive athletes this season.

104 minutes.

Sample Video