CHSAA deploys task force for fall sports plans

With the spring sports season at both the high school and collegiate levels canceled for the 2020 season, athletic associations around the country are starting to form task forces to detail how to be ready for the fall.

The Colorado High School Activities Association  (CHSAA) is doing exactly that — planning how to prepare for the resume of athletic activities — according to a story from The Denver Post.

task forceTo help create a comprehensive plan of attack, commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green put together the CHSAA Resocialization Task Force on May 14. The group will begin meeting in June to help the association develop contingency plans for how to approach the next school year’s activities within future federal and state guidelines.

“They are going to be providing the association with guidance, allowing us to put ideas on the table, as well as contribute ideas about how this would look and how we can safely resocialize back into athletics and activities,” Blanford-Green said in a May 15th phone interview with The Denver Post.

The fall sports year is still slated to begin on August 3 with boys golf and the rest of the fall sports beginning on August 10.

“Our hope, our optimism is around being able to create that high school culture that was disrupted by the pandemic,” Blanford-Green told The Denver Post. “I don’t know what the social distancing and public gathering numbers will be when we resume sports, so our goal will be to conduct our events under those guidelines.

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“If we are able to have additional people in the stands, we will try to conduct those events with people in the stands. If the public gathering numbers don’t allow us to do that, we will have to follow what those mandates are,” she continued.

Blanford-Green did not release a deadline, timeline, or specific date on when the CHSAA will make its decision about the fall sports season.

To read the full story on the CHSAA Resocialization Task Force from The Denver Post, click here.