Plus — Leading a program through changes; and fundamentals of a successful strength program

April 22, 2023

  Study Suggests Protein Aids Recovery, But Not Performance

A new study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, has shown that carbohydrate and protein supplementation strategies may help athletes deal better with the muscle damage that comes from endurance exercise. But they don’t seem to increase runners’ endurance capacity directly.

  How to develop positive relationships with referees

In a perfect world, every coach would have experience as an official, and every official would have experience as a coach. By understanding both points of view, they would avoid or mitigate many of the confrontations that lead to technical fouls, ejections and other penalties.


Get trained. End abuse in sport

Coaches, administrators, and other sport leaders are positioned to make a difference. The U.S. Center for SafeSport offers in-depth online courses to make sure you and everyone in your program has the knowledge and skills to keep your athletes safe from abuse.
  Baseball/Softball: An infield drill series with winning reps

Improve your team practice sessions with this infield drill series with repetitions from Coach and Athletic Director

  Lacrosse: Getting the most from the 2-3-1 formation

One of the more familiar formations in lacrosse at any level is the 2-3-1, but just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s fully understood. Here are some tips.

  Baseball: 7 steps to good hitting

Throughout the year, Coach & Athletic Director will go back 25 years to share some of our best articles from 1994. This article — “7 steps to good hitting” — was written by Jim Gabella while he was an instructor with the Cleveland Indians. Today, Gabella is a scout for the San Francisco Giants.

  Basketball: Two plays from Villanova’s Jay Wright

Villanova men’s basketball coach Jay Wright shares the Wing and Pop plays that have been effective in his four-out, one-in motion offense.

  A.D.ministration: Leading your program in times of change

In the world of high school athletics, change is a constant. Athletic directors need to be prepared with a plan for how their programs will respond in times of transition.

A.D.ministration columnist Dr. David Hoch offers his best tips.

  Powerline: Fundamentals for a successful strength program

If you combine the elements of defining a safe, productive training philosophy, working within the confines of your educational background, facility resources, available equipment and time restraints, there’s no dearth of possible complications that can surface.



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